Nick Sismey

Sunday, 29 September 2013 15:08

Round 22 - Rio - 17Sep13

Thanks to help from Katie Alcock, Paul Levers, Jamie Lymer and Phil Rees the oval was up and running soon after 5pm, time for us all to take the must do Fish and Chip run

No new records were set during the evening

Qualifying consisted of ten 3- minute races with the Lexan Bodied BSRT902 G3 cars running on odd lanes the Tyco 440X2 F1 cars on even.

The Juniors were up first and…

….more often rather than not there were very few of them left at the end of race with Crash and Burn rules. Their average number of laps during the evening was 14.

John Hall and Ken Payne were kept busy on Turn 1

All of the Championships are so close with just four races remaining!

Then the Adults were unleashed, they did much better averaging 27 Laps with the top four in the ‘A’ Final recording 41.1, 40.9, 39.4 and 38.0 respectively.

Although there were still several crashes, Cliff Roythorne managing this one down the main straight right at the end of one Qualifying race! It meant a delay to the next race as he had to fit new pick-ups.

Phil ensured all started on the right lane each race. The yellow Lotus was re-slotted

Maisie and Reuben Litherland had a great evening with Reuben in third, Maisie 4th both PBs

The start of the Junior ‘A’ when all seven cars were on the track!

Ten lanes meant ten power packs

The Tomy Timers and Excel ensured everything was kept on track, so to speak!

The calm before the ‘A’ Final storm, which saw Jamie Lymer lead for 2-minutes from lane eight before Nick on Lane 10 managed to squeeze past during the last minute to win by just 0.2 Laps!

Sunday, 29 September 2013 15:03

DHORC at CHORC - 12Sep13

Ryan Blake, Jamie Sismey and Nick Sismey attended the 12th Round of the CHORC Championship on Thursday night. Andy Abbott took his second win in as many meetings

Doug Passell and Steve Guard in discussion over Race Control

Slot Car track or Modern Art?

Ready to start another race

Spaghetti Junction

Steve, Ryan, Andy and Dean Garbett ready for the ‘A’ Final….

….as were their cars

Thanks for fab evening Doug et al

Sunday, 29 September 2013 14:54

Round 21 - Jerez - 10Sep13

Round 21 of the DHORC Championship was the first Club Night with the new start time for the Juniors of 1845 as opposed to the original 1930 start time. It worked a treat with the Refreshment Room cleared away well before 2230 hours.

Twenty-one racers took to the Spanish grid, Phil Rees missing only his eighth Cub Night since July’92 as he was climbing Snowdon! Nick Sismey took Pole and his sixth win of the year with Jamie Lymer knocking on the door of his first career victory. Championship leader Jamie Sismey won through from the ‘B’ Final to take third ahead of current Champion Lee Pateman. With Phil being absent only Jamie S, Lee and Nick can now win the 2013 Championship

Adam Hall is well on his way to taking second in the Junior Championship with his fourth win of the year.

Cadet winner Matt Bradley also took second overall in the Juniors, his first win also can’t be far away.

Matt Bradley won the Cadets and was second in the Juniors, with sister Isabel and school friend Jack Gratton (right)

Jerez is a very technical track, but also rewarding if mastered

The results were as follows:

A grid full of colours and designs all painted by Phil

Mums and dads marshalling

Just three can now win the Adults, the Juniors has been secured by Jacob

Nick and Andy Fearn take the lead in the Team Championship thanks to Nick’s win

It is still very close in the DHORC Challenge with some big points available over the last five races

Sunday, 29 September 2013 14:11

Round 20 - Indy 500 - 27Aug13

Our 20th Club Night of the year saw 27 Competitors take on the 10-Lane Indianapolis Oval which meant 10 x 3 Minute races in each Final with the intriguing Crash and Burn rules. One slip up and you are toast in that 3 Minute race.

After 27 minutes of racing in the Adult ‘A’ Final Phil Rees led Nick Sismey by 1.7 Laps which Nick took back in the first minute of the tenth race running on the fastest outside lane. However just as he started to extend his lead he put it in the barriers at Turn 3 leaving Phil to take a thoroughly deserved win on the night that we all celebrated his 50th Birthday!

Prior to that Lee Pateman and Nick incredibly set the same Qualifying time down to 100th of a second. Qualifying consists of the fastest lap from four lanes added together. Nick took the tie breaker with the fastest individual lap.

Jacob Pateman became DHORC’s youngest ever Junior Champion at the age of 10 years, 11 months and 24 days after winning his ninth race of the year. His winning margin, 0.4 laps ahead of Ashley Chattle, was the closest in the Indy 500’s history.

Zach Roythorne travelled all the way from Bristol to win the Cadet race as well as take third overall

Ten lanes meant ten cars, on a track of 73 feet and therefore Marshalling is virtually impossible therefore it is Crash and Burn Finals

Katie Alcock presents 50th Birthday boy Phil Rees with his cake from DHORC

Thumbs up from our new Junior Champion Jacob Pateman

Maisie Litherland became DHORC’s 100th Junior Member on Tuesday night and promptly won her and the Indy 500’s first ever Junior ‘B’ Final

Race stats galore: -

It was a busy night in the Refreshment Room as Phil lined up another race

Jane Brooks and Neil Chattle managed Race Control during the ‘A’ Final. Neil was also in charge of the bike horn that was used to manage the….


Reaction times certainly differed…..

…but there were drivers of all ages, here is the combined Junior and Adult ‘B’ Final

Katie Alcock, Jamie Lymer and John (Razor) Lamb are/were all Members of the 1/32nd North Staffordshire Scalextric Racing Club as well as DHORC. Katie took a career best 4th on Tuesday, Jamie 3rd and Razor won the Adult ‘B’ Final which he believes is the first Slot Car Race he has ever won!

There were no changes to any of the Championships except for Jacob closing out the Juniors

Monday, 16 September 2013 19:35

Magazine 449


What a fabulous day we had today with over 350 racers taking to our track plus the Superstars saloon and GT drivers

The Superstars drivers joined the masses at 1530 for a practice including former F1 driver Tonio Liuzzi and………….

….former BTCC champion Colin Turkington

Then the race was on with Liuzzi taking the Superstars win and the subsequent Superstar saloon verses Superstars GT win

Adam Hall and Peter Martin were kept busy at Redgate Corner especially during the ten car races.

Hugo Spear leads the Juniors, his prize a race with Liuzzi on Sunday if he retains his lead tomorrow

Thanks to Peter Barber, Ben Brooks, Dave Edwards, Adam Hall, Paul Levers, Jacinta Litherland, John Litherland, Maisie Litherland, Reuben Litherland and Peter Martin for their fantastic help today

Monday, 09 September 2013 20:04

Setting up for Superstars Meeting 30Aug13

On Friday night DHORC were at Donington Park to set up our ten lane Donington Park National circuit in the Paddock Suite

The Superstars weekend is always a great weekend

Colin Turkington, the former British Touring Car Champion was making a guest appearance in the pan European V8 series in a BMW. Here he is having learning the car’s controls

Luigi Ferrara would take his Mercedes to Pole position on Saturday

The Lexus Superstar car

The two Chevys

AutoGP are also racing this weekend, here the Ghinzani team practice a pit stop

Once we had moved the tables from their storage elsewhere at Donington…

….we were able to set about the build.

By 2130 the track was ready for the next day thanks To Paul Levers, Peter Martin and Phil Rees

Monday, 09 September 2013 19:49

Magazine 448


Saturday, 24 August 2013 09:08

DHORC at CHORC 22Aug13

Paul Levers and Nick Sismey from DHORC joined 12 other racers at the Chesterfield HO Racing Club (CHORC) on Thursday night

Rob Heaton ran the initial sprint event…..

…which included both modified and standard classes

There were also a variety of cars in the main Road going sports, GT and saloon event

Kalashnikov Park was used for the fourth and last time

Paul Levers and Andy Abbott concentrating hard during Qualifying, Andy taking Pole

Drivers eye view

Simon Randall, here with daughter Oliver, should have won the ‘C’ Final had I not picked up his limping car that fell apart in my hands. The words “just put it back on the track” are still ringing in my ears! Sorry Simon

Turn 1

Steve Guard at Race Control

Race Coordinator ran all of the main races

The ‘A’ Finalists, (LtoR), Dean Garbett, Steve, Andy and Dean Wragg….

….and their cars

Thanks to Doug and all at CHORC for a great evening

DHORC is back at Donington Park over the weekend of 31Aug/01Sep for the Superstars weekend.

We are working with the Superstars Organization Manager to organise a media event during the weekend for the Superstars drivers to have a go on our slot car track again similar to last year when drivers such as Johnny Herbert and Tonio Liuzzi took part.

Part of the prize for the two winning fans will be a slot car race against the winning Superstars driver

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